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Enchanted Fairy Houses

This is where the magic happens...

All Enchanted Fairy Houses are handmade by Ollie (and sometimes Dad) and needless to say all logs are responsibly sourced. Every part of every fairy house is naturally unique and we like to enhance the beautiful natural features of each house. As the logs are completely natural, with time a few cracks may appear, however this adds to their unique character (don't worry they won't fall apart). The fairy houses are placed on a solid wooden base for balance and all fairy houses are fit for use outside.


fairy houses for sale:

Fairy Dust Factory


Story of the house: the fairies collect diamonds and these are then crushed into fairy dust inside the fairy dust factory.

- Measures at 4 ft tall

- Solar powered lights inside

- Comes with some furniture

- Has a big back door so you can peep in and see what the fairies have been up to

Fairy House 1


Story of the house: no story just yet, you can make your own magical story

- Measures at 4 ft tall

- Has lovely natural steps on side

- No solar powered lights

- Not hollow inside

- Has different coloured windows 


Depending where in the UK between £60-£150

We do not currently ship outside the UK, however if you do live outside the UK and you are seriously interested, please contact us and we can discuss.

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